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Metro passengers need to stop littering

Reader is concerned about people’s habit of throwing waste outside bins

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Nitin KumarIt is not a pretty sight to come across one of these bins,with the trash spilling over and strewn all around.
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I would like to highlight an issue that I come across very often, especially outside Dubai Metro stations. There is often a misuse of garbage bins by people using the Metro.

The municipality has installed garbage bins for use by the community and these bins are placed very close to each other, too. If one bin is full then we can use another one, by just walking a few extra steps. But, it seems like people don’t have the patience to look for another bin that is empty and throw their garbage outside the already full one (as seen in photograph).

Even if these people see that a specific bin is full, they are often seen trying to stuff things into it. The most common areas I have seen this happen is outside the exit of the Deira City Centre Metro station and the Burjuman Metro Station.

It is obvious that the passengers walk out of the station and discard their waste, without thinking about the environment. They seem to be too distracted or lazy to look for another bin where they can dispose the trash with ease.

It is not a pretty sight to come across one of these bins. I really hope that people get some sense and prevent dirtying the city like this. Additionally, the municipality should consider running an awareness campaign to help people understand the consequences of their actions. They could also install bigger bins in busier spots, such as outside Metro stations.

— The reader is a sales coordinator based in Dubai.

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According to a Gulf News report published in March, littering or dumping waste in an area will result in the municipality inspectors imposing a fine of Dh500. This also applies to public parks and even busy commercial areas around the UAE.

The report also states that Dubai Municipality has placed ashtrays and waste bins every 50 to 100 metres in the busy central business district areas of Bur Dubai and Deira.