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For 12 years she was happy, but then abandoned

She is currently living in an empty appartment where she can be kept only until March 20

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Love is not supposed to have conditions. We need assistance to help this cat, Mia. She was brought to Dubai from the UK in 2013, when she was eight years old. She lived a privileged life with her parents, and then, a baby was born. She loved to be with her human sister and cuddled and protected her like she was her own. But, when Mia’s family decided to leave Dubai in October, 2016, they left without her.

At 12 years of age, when Mia’s family left Dubai, she was left with someone who didn’t really want her. In this environment, Mia discovered the meaning of rejection and neglect. From being a big, healthy girl, within months, Mia turned into the shadow of the cat she used to be.

Living in fear, Mia’s medical needs were neglected. This new ‘owner’ had signed Mia’s death certificate, as she was about to throw her onto the streets. This is where we, the Middle East Animal Foundation, stepped in. She is currently living in an empty apartment where she can be kept only until March 20, following which, a woman has agreed to foster her for one week. A foster home or a better forever home is needed for Mia urgently!

Due to her overactive thyroid condition being neglected, Mia needs urgent medical attention. She needs full blood work and an ultrasound of her kidneys to check the impact of not having her thyroid medication. We have also discovered she has a heart murmur. She has also been treated for severe ear mites from her neglected environment.

Please help us make this mature girl well again, so we can place her in a home where love has no conditions and she can live out the rest of her life in well-deserved peace. She also has a few pending bills for her medical tests. If you cannot contribute, foster or adopt but would like to help Mia, please just spread the word amongst all your friends and network and help us save this little cat.

Those interested in adopting her can contact us on

— The reader is a member of the Middle East Animal Foundation.