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Is it legally acceptable to say: ‘Get out of my bank’?

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I am writing to inform Gulf News about an issue I faced on September 30, 2017, at Mashreq Bank’s Shaikh Zayed Road branch.

I was told by a bank employee, in front of customers and other employees, to get out of the bank. I have three to four witnesses to this incident. I was standing at the Mashreq teller to pay an outstanding amount to my account.

I would like to know if it is legally alright for a bank official to say, ‘Get out of my bank’ in a public or general area like the bank premises, which is open to anyone? Especially if you are a bank customer since the past nine years?

After I asked him what he said, he repeated the same thing four times in a very loud voice.

The bank manager intervened but still, it was of no help, as the employee was arrogant, rude and loud.

I asked him if this was the bank’s policy and the bank manager informed me that she would take action, but I doubt she will do anything. If she wanted, she could have done it then and there.

I want to raise this with Gulf News.

I want to know what action or steps the Mashreq will take against this arrogant and ill-mannered employee.

From Mr Muzammil Syed


The management of Mashreq responds:

Thank you for referring Mr Syed’s concern to us for our investigation and feedback.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the treatment Mr Syed has received by our representative. This is not the level of service we promised to our customers and take pride in.

As revealed during our investigation, the incident in the branch was instantly intercepted and Mr Syed was met by our Senior Service Manager who sincerely apologised for the untoward behaviour. This was a one-off incident, certainly not advocated by the management of Mashreq.

We would also like to put this on record that an appropriate disciplinary action has already been taken against the officer as per bank’s internal policy to avoid any such incident in future.

We value Mr Syed’s relationship with Mashreq and hope to be able to serve him better in future.

As a gesture, we have also offered him to visit our head office and personally meet our Head of Branches if he deems fit.

We thank you for your intervention in having Mr Syed’s concerns highlighted.

(Process initiation: October 12. Response from organisation: October 12. Process completion: October 16.)

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