Time to stock up on some seafood? When is the ideal day in the week to buy? Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: If you were wondering about which part of the week would be ideal to pick up seafood at a lesser-than-usual cost, the answer is still mid-week. A study of prices over the last two months proved that the cost of fish and shrimp dropped mostly on Wednesdays, while prices were seen higher during the start of the week.

The price of all seafood variants, be it Seabass, Hamour, Kingfish, Salmon, Sea Bream or small-sized shrimp, was seen dropping halfway through the week over the past twelve weeks. So, that would be good news for those seafood-lovers who were looking for cost-effective days to shop!

Moreover, when analysing prices, it was also observed that the days prices largely stayed consistantly high was the start of the week, particularly Monday and at times on Sunday - so it might be safe to avoid stocking up on seafood soon after the weekend, if you want to take it easy on your pocket and your finances.

Current per-kilogram prices of every variant of fish and shrimp that is available in the market:

As of Thursday, among fish variants, Seabass costs Dh37.9 per kilogram and Hamour was priced at Dh61. On the other hand, Kingfish now costs Dh27.9, while Salmon was priced at Dh30. A kilo of Sea Bream costs Dh33, while small-sized shrimp was cheaply currently priced at Dh20.9.