Turkish paragliding instructor flies with TV and snacks on chips mid-air Image Credit: YouTube

A Turkish paragliding instructor and self-confessed “couch potato” combined his passion for soaring in the sky and watching television, and the video is taking the internet by storm.

Hasan Kaval, shared the 4.25-minute clip on his YouTube channel on July 2 and the video instantly went viral. He titled it 'Flying Coach Potato'.

In the clip, Kaval is seen taking to the skies by attaching a sofa, a television set, and a lamp to his parachute. The footage shows him lifting off and he soon gets comfortable. He changes his shoes to slippers and starts watching cartoons while snacking on chips and a soft drink.

Using a handheld and mounted camera he captured the entire journey on video.

However, Kaval does not seem to be strapped to the couch and he simply stands up and walks away from the couch upon landing.

Social media users were quick to share his footage on various platforms and react to the stunt.

Tweep @St_Hill got inspired to attempt the same: “Paragliding on a sofa while watching TV and munching snacks. Now added to my bucketlist.”

Twitter user @AlexDaltas wrote: “This human is a genius.”

However, many raised concerns over the lack of safety precautions taken during the stunt.

Tweep @butty2511 posted: “This makes my palms a bit sweaty. How is that even safe?”