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Atyaf Haider and Mariana Majkic, Senior Executives was created with the goal of helping people obtain the visas essential for visiting the country. understands the anxiety surrounding visa approval and responds by providing exceptional services. The team therefore works to mitigate concerns by diligently reviewing each individual application to ensure data accuracy and completion of all Türkiye visa requirements. aims to provide information and support throughout each step of the Turkish visa application process, and to promote awareness of the fact that tourist visa applications for Turkey can be completed online. Tourists can simply access the website to complete an e-visa application — a simple process that typically takes less than 10 minutes on The visa category will be determined by the competent authority according to the applicant’s nationality. Successful applicants will receive their e-visa by email within 24 hours.

As the website continues to grow, it will expand to provide additional services relating to the procurement of a wider variety of visa types, including work, student, medical, etc. is owned and operated by YOYO Travels (, a leading travel and tourism company. Founder and CEO of YOYO Travels is Mahdi Mohammed, a businessman with a significant background in the visa advisory field.

The website builds on his years of industry experience and decades spent traveling globally. The company has also established,, and, as part of its constant endeavor to provide its services to travelers wishing to obtain visas to the most popular destinations in the Middle East.