Dr Mohammad with his son
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Two Jordanians were killed and 7 other suffered injuries in the mosque shootings in New Zealand on Friday.

The Jordanian foreign ministry have sent a diplomat to New Zealand to follow up on the condition of the injured and facilitate the repatriation of the dead, but didn't release names, assuring that families have been contacted.

Dr Mohammad with his son
Dr Mohammad with his son Image Credit: Social media

Jordanians Dr Mohammad Olyan and his son were injured in the shooting, according to information provided by his cousin Omar.

Omar, speaking to Jordan media, said his cousin was the founder of the Al Noor Mosque and used to lead prayer and give lectures at the mosque.

Dr Mohammad was shot in his arm and he is stable now, while his son is still in intensive care and his condition is critical.

According to the cousin, Dr Mohammad moved to New Zealand in 1992 and worked at a consultancy company while his son works at an IT company.

Jordanians Wassim Alsati and his daughter were also injured in the shooting, according to his brother in Jordan.

Wassim moved to New Zealand with his four children five years ago and works as a barber there.

Wassim was shot four times, while his daughter was shot three times and they are in a critical condition, according to reports.

Wassim with two of his daughters
Wassim with his daughters, one of them was injured. Image Credit: Social Media

Wassim in Facebook post in December said: "One of the major reasons that I have decided to live in New Zealand is that they don't care who you are, they just treat you as a human being and you are allowed to be whatever you want.”