Lebanese protest in Beirut over the worsening economy. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: A video of Lebanese citizens singing the country’s national anthem upon arriving at Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut has gone viral.

The returnees—many of whom have flown back to participate in Lebanon’s unprecedented protests against the ruling elite—were seen walking through the lines at customs impromptly erupting into song.

Feelings of patriotism are at an all time high in the country as well as Lebanese in the diaspora with citizens across the world holding solidarity protests.

Iconic Lebanese singers have also joined protesters.

Marcel Khalife visited Tripoli to seranade protesters gathered there for a week.

Patriotic songs are being blasted in all corners of the country as Lebanese say they will stay in the streets until the government resigns.

On Thursday—eight days after protests erupted—Lebanese president Michel Aoun addressed the country promising quick reforms and urging dialogue with the protesters.

However, protesters say they were not moved by his speech which they say “came too late” and “offered nothing new”.