Jewellery store owner adorning 'Coco' with the expensive necklace. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: An Iraqi woman has bought a gold necklace for her dog named Coco at a staggering cost of 12.7 million Iraqi dinars ($9,679).

A video capturing the dog with the necklace has since gone viral, triggering widespread anger among viewers.

The footage shows a jewellery store owner adorning Coco with the expensive necklace, a birthday gift from his owner, who is herself is seen wearing a lot of jewellery.

The seller in the video says that the necklace is made of Turkish gold.

The extravagant gesture has provoked a strong reaction on social media, with many expressing their disapproval and frustration.

In the face of the challenging global economic conditions, users have criticised the lavish spending, suggesting that such funds would be better directed towards aiding the needy and orphans.

Calls for prioritising assistance to those in greater need and condemning wasteful expenditures have dominated the online discourse following video’s release.