210924 kidnap
A screengrab of footage from the kidnap. Image Credit: YouTube

Dubai: Egyptian security forces on Wednesday succeeded in freeing a boy after he was kidnapped by five suspects who forced him into a Tuk Tuk vehicle and fled the scene, the Ministry of Interior has announced.

The suspects, including the abducted boy’s cousin, were arrested on charges of kidnapping the boy and demanding a ransom of $100,000 from his family in exchange for his release.

They have been remanded in custody pending further investigation and trial. The Tuk Tuk car, which was used in kidnapping the boy, was also seized.

The ministry released a video showing the moment when the suspects had abducted the boy in the Haram area using their Tuk Tuk vehicle where surveillance cameras monitored the incident and captured footage of the suspects.

“The boy’s father, a hospital employee, sent his son to buy some items from a supermarket near their house in Nazlet El Sisi in the Haram area of Giza.

The cousin, the mastermind behind the abduction, was along with the boy’s father, when he asked his son to buy items from the near supermarket. He then contacted other defendants who ambushed near the victim’s house and managed to kidnap him while he was walking alone,” according to preliminary investigations.

The suspects called the father and asked for $100,000 to release him and threatened him not to call police, the ministry said in a statement following investigations.