Mohamed Hadid
Mohamed Hadid with his daughter Alana in Bethlehem Image Credit:

Dubai: Real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid recently shared an IGTV video of his experience visiting a farmers market with his daughter Alana in Bethlehem, Palestine. He introduces himself in Arabic as Abu Anwar,( father of Anwar), to the people there and proceeds to tell them that he is an original Palestinian “aslan we faslan” he said to the woman in the video.

He was being led around the market by Chef Fadi Kattan, a local Palestinian chef of a restaurant called Fadwa in Bethlehem.

In the video, chef Kattan takes Hadid to different produce stands. He smells fresh zaatar and lemons takes a bite into Palestinian cauliflower. They visit a local butcher shop and eat freshly baked bread and manakeesh at a bakery. Then, of course, tastes the piece de resistance of Palestine, a fresh olive. 

At one point Hadid makes his own okra in the kitchen by chopping and mixing the vegetables. He talks about his birthplace Nazareth, as he is cooking and tasting the food. 

This video presents a different perspective on how life in Palestine is usually portrayed in the media. Instagram users praised the video commenting, “Love this! Someone that represents my home in a positive light.” 

“Thank you for using your platform to show the beauty of our country, people and culture,” commented another user.

The video ends with the plating of the dish and a “Well done” from the chef.