Image Credit: Source: Al Ahram newspaper

Dubai: Celebrated Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdul Ghafour, a prominent figure in Arab cinema and television, has been killed in a car accident on the Cairo-Alexandria road.

The accident occurred near Mountain View, and the actor was taken to a hospital in the 6th of October City, located south of Cairo, where he was declared dead.

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Abdul Ghafour, 81, was accompanied by his wife during the incident. She sustained injuries and is receiving treatment at a hospital in Sheikh Zayed, also in south Cairo. The security services have confirmed the incident, reporting two casualties from the collision, and public prosecutors are now investigating the cause of the accident.

Born on June 22, 1942, Abdul Ghafour graduated from the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1963. He began his illustrious career as a stage actor, starring in notable plays such as “Lady Gulfidan,” “Soliman El Halabi,” and “The Fire and the Olives.”

However, it was his extensive work in television that endeared him to the public. Over six decades, he appeared in more than 250 TV series, including “Cairo and the People,”

“The Prayer of the Past,” and numerous historical and religious dramas like “Imam Malik” and “Harun Al Rashid.”

Abdul Ghafour also made significant contributions to cinema, starring in films such as “El Ghadab,” “Sun and Fog,” and the acclaimed “El Resala.”

His exceptional talent earned him numerous awards and a respected position on the jury of Egyptian theatre festivals.

Leaving behind a legacy in the Arab entertainment industry, Abdul Ghafour is survived by his wife, who is also his cousin, his son Tamer, his daughter Reeham (also an actress), and grandchildren.

In a recent interview, he referred to his family as his “most important accomplishment.”