The hitmen shot the victim in the shoulder and head, killing him on the spot. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Syrian woman reportedly hired three criminals to kills her father after failing to finish him off by putting poison in his shisha’s tobacco.

The woman is said to have promised to help the trio rob her father’s house in exchange for shooting him dead.

Accordingly, the three men headed to her father’s house on September 28. The first one hid behind the gate, the second knocked on the door while the third one shot him directly in the shoulder and head, killing him on the spot.

However, they failed to rob the house after several people rushed after the sound of gunfire and came to the rescue of the victim.

During investigations, the victim’s daughter sounded very confused and narrated contradictory and unconvincing stories about her father’s death. This has led police to suspect her.

Upon further interrogation, she admitted hiring three hitmen to kill her father after she had failed to kill him with poison.

The woman and the killers were arrested. Police found a hand grenade and an iron tool in their possession.

While being interrogated, the three confessed to committing the crime in addition to having committed several robberies.

It is not yet clear why the girl decided to kill her father. Investigations are still underway.