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Dubai: Two brothers and another man were killed and two others seriously injured in a bloody feud between two families in Hadaiq Al Qubbah neighbourhood of Cairo, local media reported.

The feud started when the two families were sitting together at a reconciliation session in an attempt to arrive at a solution amicably to end a three-year dispute. The session, however, escalated after young men from the disputing families exchanged insults, and eventually led to an armed clash and fighting using sharp weapons.

The two brothers were stabbed to death by a man from the other family, who was later shot dead by the family of the siblings.

According to security sources, the two parties involved in the bloody fight have been in dispute for years, and there are some judicial rulings issued against members from both families.

The Public Prosecution ordered an investigation into the incident, while the bodies of the victims were transferred to the forensic department.