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Dubai: An Egyptian woman filed 13 cases against her husband after he forced her to attend his engagement ceremony to another woman, local media reported.

The woman said was forced to attend the ceremony as her husband threatened to prevent her from seeing their children if she did not attend.

“To my shock, my husband’s new bride turned out to be my close friend. At that moment, I had only two options, either to stand up against my husband’s oppression or accept the status quo and die slowly,” she added.

“I chose the first option. I filed 13 cases against my husband, including a divorce case, after he kicked me out of our house for objecting to his second marriage. He even threatened to take my jewellery and give it to his second wife. He wanted me to die of grief, sadness and oppression.”

She added: “He humiliated me and refused to provide for his children despite being well-off - just to force me to agree to his second marriage.”

The case is still being deliberated in court and a verdict is expected soon.