OPN Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron Image Credit: AFP

Meseberg, Germany: French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday accused fellow NATO member Turkey of “criminal responsibility” over its involvement in the Libyan conflict.

Ankara has increased its military presence “and massively re-imported jihadist fighters from Syria” after foreign powers agreed earlier this year to end their meddling and respect a UN arms embargo, Macron told reporters in Berlin.

“I think this is a historic and criminal responsibility for someone who claims to be member of Nato.”

This came as a tribal leader in Libya’s oil-producing region on Monday indicated tribes there were ending a blockade on output and exports, saying “we opened the oil”, and have handed authority to eastern-based forces to negotiate a restart in production.

However, some other tribal leaders in the region did not take part in the issuing of the statement, which came after the National Oil Corporation said international talks were under way over a resumption in production.