2 minor girls gang raped, 4 molested in Jharkhand
Jordan has arrested two men for encouraging others to rape women who wear revealing clothes. Image Credit: IANS

Dubai: Jordan’s security authorities have arrested a young man who appeared in a video, which has gone viral, encouraging other men to rape women who wear revealing and provocative clothes. His friend, who filmed the video, was also arrested.

“My fellow men if you see a woman wearing a short dress or transparent clothing, I am telling you this is a sufficient excuse for you to rape her, and I take this responsibility,” the man said in the video. The Cyber Crime Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department examined the video to verify its content after complaints poured infrom social media users, human rights activists and public figures.

Many in the conservative Jordanian society were disgusted by the content of the video which triggered widespread anger with many describing his instructions as a crime since he believes that womens freedom of wearing revealing clothes is equal to mens freedom to rape them Many described the video as inciting rape against women.

Dr. Salma Nims, Secretary-General of the Jordanian National Commission for Women, said: “I just heard that the authorities have arrested the male who posted the video. I am pleased that he has been arrested. All thanks to those who reported this. This is everyone’s responsibility.”

“I am happy about his arrest, but I would like to draw the attention of authorities to those who welcomed the inciter’s call for raping women under the pretext of provocative dress. We need to combat this phenomenon in Jordan,” said Jumana Saadeh, a filmmaker and producer, on her Twitter account.

Fatima Mohaisen tweeted: “Those people who think this way are ill-minded, as they do not have the right to impose on others what to wear. Nothing can stop the ill-minded people who think this way to do anything.”