Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces have announced they will use “administrative detention” against the activist group from occupied Jerusalem, Al Murabiteen, to curb their activities.

According to the Israeli TV Channel 2, the Israeli occupation forces will use this instrument, which allows the regime to hold Palestinian detainees for extended periods without charge, against Al Murabiteen to thwart their activities in the holy shrine.

The TV report stated that Shin Bet, the regime’s internal security service, has already prepared a list of the names of the leaders of Al Murabiteen (male and female defenders of Al Haram Al Sharif) against whom administrative detention will be used . Israeli occupation forces believe that people in the 30-50 age group usually cause disorder in the holy site and confront the daily incursions by Israeli colonists.

“The Israeli security forces have been left with no option but to use administrative detention against Al Murabiteen to thwart their activities in Al Haram Al Sharif,” said the TV report. The regime’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon initially outlawed Al Murabiteen under claims that it was harassing Jewish colonists.

Sources in occupied East Jerusalem said Al Haram Al Sharif has been subject to daily escalation and break-ins, with the occupation forces deliberately choosing the holy shrine as a stage.

“The use of administrative detention against Al Murabiteen is not a law at all. Laws are usually issued by the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset), which is not the case here,” said Mazen Abu Qalbain, a member of the Higher Al Murabiteen Committee. “This is a mere act of bullying.”

He said that use of administrative detention will limit the number of Al Murabiteen in Al Haram Al Sharif, but will never end their presence. “The situation in the holy shrine will worsen should we keep our mouths shut,” he told Gulf News. “Jerusalemites should come up with stronger reactions and organise protests, strikes and demonstrations beyond the boundaries and walls of Al Haram Al Sharif.”

“We will remain Murabiteen even when the Israeli security forces use the administrative detention against us,” he stressed. “We must deliver a message to the entire world that the Israelis have been acting in darkness and those actions should be disclosed and confronted.”

West Bank cities were shut down by a two-hour commercial strike on Tuesday in solidarity with Jerusalemites and Al Murabiteen in Al Haram Al Sharif. The commercial strike was announced by the West Bank mosques following continued unrest in the occupied East Jerusalem.