UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan arrives to attend an emergency Arab League session in Cairo, Egypt. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The Arab League on Sunday expressed its full solidarity with Saudi Arabia in confronting Iran’s provocative acts and antagonistic statements.

The League in its extraordinary meeting held upon a request from Saudi Arabia also condemned the attacks on the Saudi embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran and the consulate in the northern city of Mashhad as well as the Iranian interference in the domestic affairs of Arab states, especially in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

A statement issued at the end of the emergency meeting in the Egyptian capital Cairo said that the member states supported the Saudi efforts to tackle terrorism and role in reinforcing stability and security in the region.

The Iranian interference does not promote peace or security in the region, clashes with the principles of good neighbourliness and fuels crises, the statement said, calling for an end to the Iranian support to terrorist groups, the latest of which was in Bahrain.

Arab League Secretary General Nabeel Al Arabi condemned Iran’s provocative actions in the region and its attempts to incite and fuel sectarianism within Arab countries. He also spoke against the Iranian attacks on the Saudi diplomatic missions.

In his remarks, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said that his country was dealing with the Iranian interference attempts with serious resolve and determination.

He said that Saudi Arabia fully opposed sectarianism and accused Iran of escalating the matter and of causing tension in the region.

Al Jubeir added that Arabs have to come together against Iran’s belligerent policies and to resolve issues peacefully.

The minister said the attacks on the Saudi diplomatic missions occurred after the antagonistic statements by senior Iranian officials against Saudi Arabia.

Al Jubeir said that the attacks were a flagrant violation of international norms and agreements and reflected Iran’s behaviour and attitudes in the Arab region and its attempts to incite sectarianism, erode stability and undermine security.

In his remarks, UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan stressed the uncompromising rejection of any form of Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

The minister said that attacks targeted embassies and consulates in Iran in the last few decades, denoting either a wish to see them happen or premeditated negligence from Iranian authorities.

Shaikh Abdullah insisted that Iran put an end to all forms and acts of provocation and sectarian incitement that aimed to affect security and stability in the Arab countries.

The minister said that the statements by senior Iranian officials targeting the domestic matters of Arab states were unacceptable and condemnable.

Shaikh Abdullah told the meeting that the application of court rulings against convicts was a sovereign right and that no other state had the right to interfere.

The determination of Saudi Arabia to combat terrorism, extremism and any attempts to undermine stability and security were also praised by the UAE minister.

Shaikh Abdullah said that Iran was mending its relations with the West, but not with the countries in the region.

He added that the UAE fully supported Saudi Arabia at all times and that it deployed thousands of troops in Yemen to fight with the Saudis.