A view of Zahle 015151
A view of Zahle, capital of the Beqaa governorate and Lebanon’s third-largest city. Image Credit: File

Beirut/Dubai: UAE citizen Ahmed Ali Abdul Hamid Al Qari Al Awad died on Sunday in a Beirut hotel, the UAE Embassy announced.

UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi said his mission is coordinating with the competent Lebanese authorities to airlift the body of Al Awadi to the UAE.

The Embassy is also following up on the results of investigations being conducted by Lebanese medical authorities on the matter, he added, noting that a preliminary medical assessment indicated the cause of death was a sudden heart attack.

Earlier, Lebansese authorities tolf Gulf News a 54-year-old Emirati man was found dead in his hotel room.

“The Emirati citizen is a heart patient and he arrived to Lebanon on October 16 before he was discovered to be dead after his acquaintance failed to contact him,” Colonel Joseph Musallem, Head of Public Relations Department at Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), said.

Lebanese National News Agency said in a statement that the Emirati died of a suspected heart attack in his room at Al Kadry Hotel in Zahlé, capital and the largest city of Bekaa Governorate, in Lebanon's north-east.

According to Colonel Musallem Al Awad came to Lebanon alone.

Found dead in hotel room

“When his acquaintance couldn’t reach him on his phone, he reported the matter to the hotel and the authorities. The man was found dead in his hotel room. The ordinary legal procedures are underway and we have already communicated with the UAE Embassy,” he said.

Travel advisory

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory to Emiratis wishing to visit Lebanon to be careful due to ongoing protests that started on Thursday.

Earlier this month, the UAE lifted the travel ban for Emiratis wishing to visit Lebanon for first time since 2016.