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Dubai: Egyptian security services have arrested a young actress, Abeer Baybars for murdering her husband in their house in Al Basateen neighbourhood, north of Cairo, local media reported on Tuesday.

Police men rushed to the scene after Al Basateen police station received a report about the incident. The Public Prosecution launched a probe into the murder of the man and suspected that he was killed by his wife.

Upon investigation, the 29-year-old actress confessed to the crime. She said that they had a fight that turned into a heated brawl. Abeer said that her husband, who owned a contracting company, used to verbally insult her and beat her.

“On the day of the incident, I lost control over myself after suffering years of abuse. I stabbed him with a broken bottle after he insulted and slapped me,” Abeer told police during the investigation.

The actress told police that she did not mean to kill him, and that it was an accident after she broke a bottle and stabbed him with it.

The Public Prosecution also investigated the Ethiopian house maid who confessed that Abeer killed her husband after a heated row between the couple.

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused, for 15 days pending further investigation and trial on charges of premeditated murder.

The prosecution assigned forensics to conduct an autopsy, write a report explaining the reasons for death and to provide the prosecution with the results of the autopsy report.