Retired policeman Mohsin Al Sukkari during his trial in the Suzan Tamim murder case. Image Credit: AP

Cairo: An ex-Egyptian police officer, previously convicted in the murder of a Lebanese singer in Dubai more than a decade ago, was found guilty of money laundering and given three years in jail, legal sources said.

The Economic Court Tuesday sentenced Mohsin Al Sukkari to three years in prison and ordered him to pay a fine of 3 million dollars after convicting him of money laundering, they added.

Investigations revealed that the ex-state security officer had committed a crime of money laundering estimated at $1.9 million, including $300,000 he had deposited in a bank in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm Al Sheikh, they said. He had $1.4 million in his residence in a Cairo suburb.

Al Sakkari was the prime defendant in the 2008 killing of Lebanese pop singer Suzan Tamim in Dubai. In 2009, an Egyptian criminal court sentenced Al Sukkari to death.

After a retrial, another court reduced the sentence in 2010 to life in prison and sentenced to 15 years in prison Hesham Talaat Mustafa, a business mogul, charged with inciting the killing of Tamim.

Mustafa, an ex-lawmaker, had reportedly fallen in love with Tamim who jilted him after allegedly swindling him out of a fortune.

The murder case had generated massive attention and media hype in the Arab world at the time.