An online combo of the suspect and the publicity post in Arabic.

Cairo: Egyptian police said they had arrested a man accused of touting drugs on social media and providing specific phone numbers for potential clients.

An online advert allegedly posted by the man expressed his readiness to provide all types of drugs wholesale and retail. The advert included his address and two cellphone numbers: one for making orders and the other for receiving complains about the service.

The suspect, aka Abu Kayan, was arrested in Menufia governorate, north of Cairo.

Police found in his possession 6 kilograms of hashish, an unspecified amount of heroin, a shotgun, a mobile phone and copies of publicity for his trade, the Interior Ministry.

In investigations, he admitted to having owned the seized items with the intention of trade, and the shotgun to protect his “criminal activity,” the ministry added.

An unspecified sum of money raked in from the trade and a mobile phone to contact clients were also seized in his possession during the police raid.

The ministry posted a picture of the suspect along with the seized items.