20200915 top news arrest in goa
Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Brazilian tourist has been arrested in Egypt after filming himself verbally harassing a saleswoman while live on Instagram, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced.

The tourist is a physician who is also a popular influencer in his homeland. While the saleswoman was presenting different types of papyrus in a bazaar, the tourist seized the opportunity and because she does not understand Portuguese, he kept saying sexually suggestive sentences.

The woman thought he was talking about the papyrus and kept smiling. However, some of the influencer’s followers decided to not be passive and contacted an Egyptian Facebook page that is concerned with sexual harassment explaining the situation and sending a translation of what he said.

The Instagram video has gone viral triggering Egyptian police to take action, particularly in light of demands to arrest the tourist.

The Brazilian man has accordingly been arrested and was interrogated by the Public Prosecution. He admitted to saying suggestive things. However, he claimed he was joking.