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Dubai: A two-year-old Egyptian toddler was reportedly killed by two children who kidnapped her to rape her after allegedly watching porn movies. They failed to rape her.

According to media reports, the 11-year-old and 8-year-old school students have been detained for kidnapping and killing after failing to rape her.

The case came to light when the family of the toddler reported her disappearance to Sohag police, who launched an immediate investigation into the incident.

After reviewing CCTV footage in the area where she used to live, police discovered the little girl had been kidnapped by two children on Thursday at 9am.

The Grade II and Grade V pupils, who lived 500 metres from the victim’s house, are said to have lured the little girl to some place away from their house and tried to rape her but the victim’s screams frightened the two boys who did not know what to do.

Fearing they would be discovered due to her screams, they tried to silence her, but ended up unintentionally strangling her to death. Following this, they threw her body into a canal.

Upon being interrogated, the boys confessed to kidnapping and killing the girl. They claimed they had watched a porn movie and wanted to imitate what they had seen.

The victim’s father said he did not believe the two boys’ story, and that he suspected someone was behind it.

Sohag police have detained the two boys pending further investigation.