Ramallah: The Israeli Civil Adminstration in the Occupied West Bank has unveiled a “strategic plan” to develop the south Hebron Hills region.

The plan would effectively displace 1,200 Palestinian residents.

The Israeli daily Haaretz published on Monday the document signed by the then-head of the Israeli Civil Administration Brig Gen David Menachem.

In the document, the administration promised to advance several massive construction plans for the area, including industrial parks, a medical centre and houses.

The report comes amid warnings from the US administration and the EU to Israel not to go through with a plan to demolish the Palestinian village of Sussia.

If the construction goes ahead, Palestinians could be hired as labourers for the massive project.

“The last thing we want is to be hired as labourers in colonies illegally built on our stolen land,” Eisa Amr, head of the Hebron-based Palestinian activist group Youth Against Settlements told Gulf News.

More than 35,000 Israeli colonists in 25 colonies illegally live in the Hebron region.

He said that the Israeli Civil Administration is just an extension of Israeli occupation forces.

He vowed that his group would organise peaceful protests and non-violent public resistance to confront the plan.