Rashid with the two women after the wedding. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: In a strange wedding, an Algerian man married two women at the same ceremony by mutual consent, local media reported.

The marriage, however, kicked up a storm on the social media. Pictures of the man sitting between his wives have gone viral on social media, with many netizens applauding his courage, while some disapproving it.

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According to media reports, the man Rashid fell in love with two women and decided to marry both at the same time. Rashid also decided that he will get married to Mariam and Hanan at the same ceremony in Skikda city in the presence of his friends and well-wishers.

After the wedding, the women expressed their joy and happiness over marrying the same man, reports said.

Many social media users were surprised as to how the man managed to convince the two and got married.