Bank statement shows three saving accounts under her name. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A 52-year old beggar, identified as Fatima Othman, was found dead in a car on Tuesday in Beirut, with cash totaling Dh120,000 — she also had bank accounts with total savings of Dh4 million.

Her story went viral on social media with many wondering how she had managed to save such a massive amount.

She had three different bank accounts and lived in that car she was found dead in.

Othman was known around Basta Street in downtown Beirut. People who saw her thought she had special needs.

Residents told Gulf News that Fatima had been living on their street for more than 20 years, and she rented the car she lived in from a man in the neighbourhood.

Once in a month, a man picks her up and returns her the second day and she would tell everybody that he takes her to see a doctor, the residents said.

Police confirmed later to the media that she died due to natural causes. Her family took her body back to their village in the north of Lebanon to be buried there.