Egypt accident
Screenshot of a video showing the accident scene in Egypt Image Credit: Twitter/Z_1973

Dubai: Egypt’s health ministry said at least 35 people were killed in a multi-car pileup Saturday on a highway linking Cairo and the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

At least 63 others were injured in the crash which involved a passenger bus and other vehicles, the statement said, adding that fire erupted in some vehicles. The harrowing accident led to many cars being charred and several others severely damaged.

Initial reports suggest that poor weather conditions and widespread water on the roads contributed to the severity of the accident. A collision between a passenger bus and a car, exacerbated by high speeds, spiraled into a massive pile-up involving at least 30 vehicles and mass transit buses.

Eyewitnesses described a horrifying scenes as some vehicles caught fire, with the flames still ongoing. The tragic incident occurred near the entrance to the village of Al Shujaa on the desert highway. Both the injured and the deceased have been transported to Nubaria and Wadi Al Natroun specialized hospitals in the Beheira governorate.

The Egyptian authorities were promptly alerted about the incident, which led to a temporary halt of traffic on the affected highway. Emergency response teams, upon arrival, were met with the distressing sight of burning and crushed vehicles scattered across the road.

The Ministry of Health, responding swiftly to the crisis, dispatched 20 ambulances to aid and transport the injured victims.

Preliminary reports confirm 40 of the injured were taken to the one-day surgery hospital in Wadi Al Natroun, with the remaining 5 sent to the West Nubaria Central Hospital. Medical teams at the referral hospitals are working tirelessly, providing essential care and assessing the severity of injuries. The Ministry continues its rigorous monitoring and follow-up to ensure all victims receive the necessary medical attention.