Hero husky saves US neighbourhood from gas explosion
Hero husky saves US neighbourhood from gas explosion Image Credit: Chanell Bell/People.com

A four-year-old husky named Kobe is being hailed a hero on the internet after recently saving a Philadelphia neighborhood from a gas leak that could have led to an explosion.

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According to US media reports published on January 10, the incident happened just a few days before last Christmas, but gained attention across social media channels in January.

It all started when Kobe’s human, Chanell Bell, noticed that Kobe was obsessively digging a hole in the yard. Bell, who had recently moved to the neighbourhood, knew that while digging is typical canine behaviour, it was unusual for Kobe to dig holes without a reason.

According to multiple online reports, as Kobe continued to dig and the hole expanded, Bell grew concerned and decided to investigate further, trusting her intuition and recognising Kobe's unusual conduct.

Suspecting that Kobe was diging close to a gas pipeline, Bell decided to check. Luckily she had a gas detection device at hand, after having experienced a gas leak in her house earlier that month.

To her shock, the readings indicated not just the presence of gas but a potentially catastrophic amount. Bell wasted no time in alerting the authorities, who confirmed the severity of the situation.

According to a story on the entertainment news website people.com, after arriving at Bell's home, the crew turned off the gas and repaired the leak. During the repairs, the crew discovered three main gas leaks in Bell's neighborhood caused by aging pipes. It took the workers over three days to repair the leaks and install new pipes.

The crew was impressed with Kobe's keen senses and commended the heroic husky.

Meanwhile, Bell hopes this incident encourages others to pay attention to their furry companions.