Yemen President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who has been leading his government from his exile in Saudi Arabia for the past five months,  will return to his country next month, Gulf News has learnt.

“He will be back in Aden on Eid Al Adha,” Yemeni sources said on Wednesday. Eid is expected to be on the 23rd of September. President Hadi, who fled Yemen to Saudi Arabia in March following the Houthi takeover of Aden, "will receive the Eid well-wishers at the [Presidential] Maasheeq Palace,” the sources told Gulf News.

The palace is being prepared for the president’s return. Hadi’s government officials have been returning slowly to Aden and other southern cities since the government forces, supported by troops from Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, recaptured the port city last month. In the past few weeks, the government forces have recaptured all major southern governorates.

“Special teams are working on the clock to restore security and basic services in Aden and other liberated cities,” the sources said.

The return of Hadi will be a turning point in the Yemeni conflict. “There will be no more a government in exile. The government and its head will function and lead the country from within the country to liberate the remaining parts of Yemen and restore the legitimacy,” the sources said.