ADEN: The Yemeni National Resistance Forces, led by Staff Brigadier-General Tarek Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, today (Thursday) launched a large-scale military operation on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast in the direction of Mocha and Al Barah Area, west of Taiz, to liberate new areas from the grip of the Iran-backed Al Houthi militias.

Supported by the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Saudi-led Coalition, the offensive fits within the ongoing efforts to liberate and secure the Red Sea Coast and lift the anti-Taiz siege from the western front. The operation is backed as well by Yemen’s Southern Resistance and Tahami Movement.

The operation coincides with across-the-board preparations on the part of the National Resistance Forces to widen the battlefronts in their fights against the Iranian-aligned militias in other parts of the Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

In the meantime, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces’ jets launched intensive raids against Al Houthi militias in Mocha, Jebel Al Shawka, Mowaz, and Albarah areas, destroying a large number of armoured vehicles, expunging, killing and injuring hundreds of the militiamen, with the Yemeni National Forces inflicting heavy damage on the front positions of Al Houthi militias.

A source of the Yemeni National Forces told WAM that thousands of trained resistance elements are advancing across different areas on the Red Sea Coast supported by the Arab Coalition Forces’ aerial bombardment.

“This decisive and qualitative military operation is aimed at liberating the areas controlled by the coup perpetrators,” he said, adding that the countdown has already started to liberate the remaining Red Sea directorates which are still under the control of the Iranian-backed elements.

The Arab Coalition Forces are playing a key role in securing most of the Yemeni coastal areas, starting from Al Mahra Governorate going all the way down to Red Coast as part of the overall effort being made to protect the international maritime navigation which has been consistently threatened by the Iranian Al Houthi militias who are using Hodeidah Seaport as a launching-pad for their terror operations.

In addition, regaining control over the rest of the Red Sea Coast will cut off the supply routes used by Iran to provide Al Houthi militia with smuggled weaponry.