Yemeni loyalist forces patrol a highway near the Red Sea port town of Mocha on January 20, 2017. Image Credit: AFP

Aden: Yemeni government forces took full control of the historic Red Sea port of Mocha on Friday after weeks of deadly fighting with rebels and their allies, a spokesman said.

"We have done with the Battle of Mocha," armed forces spokesman Mohammed Al-Naqib told AFP, adding that the rebels had been forced to flee the town.

Earlier this week, Yemeni government troops had tightened their grip on the strategic Red Sea city after ejecting the rebel forces from some districts.

The Yemen government initially declared liberating Mocha last month, but faced stiff resistance from Al Houthi snipers who refused to give up and took shelter inside residential areas.

On Wednesday, Brigadier General Abdo Abdullah Majili, Yemen army spokesperson, told Gulf News that the government troops completely cleared the town of Al Houthi fighters and were working now on defusing landmines to enable displaced people to return home.

Hundreds of government troops backed by massive air support and logistics from the Saudi-led coalition began on January 6 a major military operation to push Al Houthis from the western coast.

The rebels, who resorted to planting thousands of landmines to slow the advancing forces, suffered major setbacks in the early days of the offensive when the government forces took control of Al Ameri military camp, Dhobab, Jadeed and Mocha.