Cairo: Saudi Arabia, which is leading an Arab military coalition in Yemen against Al Houthis, has vowed not to allow the Iran-allied militia to emerge as the country’s replica of Lebanese militant Hezbollah movement.

The pledge was made by Saudi Ambassador to US Khalid Bin Salman, who accused Iran of smuggling weaponry to Al Houthis and providing them with Hezbollah military trainers.

“Among the much ignored realities in Yemen is not only the direct assistance the Al Houthi militia receives from the Iranian regime, but also the existence of Hezbollah commanders on the ground,” he tweeted.

“A previous raid on an Al Houthi site by Arab Coalition Special Forces uncovered a cache of evidence against Al Houthis, revealed a Hezbollah operative training, advising them on asymmetric warfare, and showed background portrait of Iran “Supreme Leader” on Militia’s computer,” Khalid added in a string of tweets.

“Their presence in Yemen confirms the Iranian regime has subcontracted the Al Houthi militia to another one of its proxies; Hezbollah. It proves the regime’s proxies work in tandem to undermine regional stability and prolong the suffering of countries they are involved in,” he said in English.

The Saudi diplomat said that the evidence confirms “ideological and military” links between Al Houthis, Hezbollah and Iran, which he accused of prolonging Yemenis’ plight and threatening neighbours and regional security.

“The kingdom will not allow Al Houthis to be another Hezbollah, for this is what the Iranian regime is seeking,” he added.

In late 2014, Al Houthis ousted the internationally-recognised government in Yemen and seized the capital Sana’a and other territory.

In 2015, the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, intervened in Yemen in response to a request from its government after Al Houthis advanced on Aden, the temporary capital of the country.