A deserted cell in the public section of Aden Central Prison is shown in in Aden, Yemen. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Government has refuted Amnesty International’s recent report which claims the UAE’s involvement in Yemeni prisons, saying that the report is politically motivated to undermine its efforts as part of the Arab Coalition to support the Yemeni Government.

In a statement today, the UAE Government said, “The UAE does not manage or run prisons in Yemen. Prisons in Yemen are under Yemeni authority and fall under the jurisdiction of the country’s institutions. As such, the UAE has urged the Yemeni Government to conduct an independent investigation into the matter and continues to follow up with the Yemeni Government on this front.”

“We also continue to work closely with the Yemeni Government as part of the Coalition’s stabilisation strategy and have facilitated with the Yemeni Government, in recent months, visits to some prison sites for the International Committee of the Red Cross.”

“The UAE believes that these reports are politically motivated to undermine its efforts as part of the Arab Coalition to support the Yemeni Government,” it concluded.

Meawhile, a senior official from the Yemen Higher Relief Committee has hailed the great efforts exerted by the UAE to help Yemenis in need, saying they have significantly contributed to alleviating the suffering of people, and bring back normalcy to life in areas liberated from the Iranian-backed Houthi militias.

Speaking from Aden Port upon the arrival of the latest UAE aid ships, Dr. Ibtihaj Al Kamal, Yemeni Minister of Social Affairs and Labour and Deputy Chairman of the Yemen Higher Relief Committee, said, “The humanitarian work carried out by the UAE is appreciated by every Yemeni and demonstrates the depth of brotherly relations between Yemen and the UAE.”

“The Yemen Higher Relief Committee salutes the UAE’s exerted efforts in assisting those in need through all its humanitarian bodies working in Yemen, most notably the Emirates Red Crescent,” Dr. al-Kamal added.

Earlier this week, the Yemeni Minister met with Saeed Al Kaabi, ERC’s Representative in Aden, and Saeed Al Ali, Head of the ERC in Aden, where the parties agreed to work together to coordinate the facilitation of aid delivery to people across the country.