Red Sea Coast, Yemen - The UAE’s has extended more support for the health sector in Yemen, by providing medical protection against diseases that cause diarrhea prevalent in remote coastal towns southwest of the Tuhayta district in Hodeida governorate.

The Emirates Red Crescent recently supplied Tuhayta hospitals and health centres with medicines and vaccines that treat and fight a number of epidemics that cause severe diarrhea, which authorities say are on the rise, especially among children.

The gesture is in line with the UAE’s support of Yemen’s emergency response plan to cope with the ‘epidemic season’, according to ERC officials.

Local officials lauded the UAE’s great role in supporting the health sector, amongst others, in the directorate.

Meanwhile, the UAE has dispatched a relief convoy loaded with 1,000 food baskets to aid the residents of Zinjibar, the capital of Yemen’s Abyan province.

The aid was distributed to around 7,000 residents of the city, under the direct supervision of the local authority.

Khalid Ebrahim, the local authority’s relief coordinator in Abyan, expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the UAE’s timely assistance, adding that the ERC was always the first to act to assist in delivering relief aid and adopting development projects in Abyan.