The Sudanese man who was found in mountains after missing for 2 hours. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A Sudanese expat who went missing in Saudi Arabia has been finally found after a massive search operation that lasted 24 hours, local media reported.

A video of the missing man lying on ground in a miserable condition has gone viral on social media.

According to media reports, the man with his friend was on the mountains of Al Khasra city in Riyadh, but for some reason his friend left him alone and he got lost on the way back.

The clip shows the breath-taking moments of finding the missing man under a tree, as he almost breathed his last from the heat and thirst, while one of the rescue team members poured water on his face and chest to help him regain his consciousness.

Social media users applauded the search efforts which resulted in saving the man’s life.

Every year, Saudi Arabia reports dozens of cases for people getting lost in the Kingdom’s vast desert.  In 2020 alone, 131 people went missing in various accidents while crossing Saudi Arabia’s deserts. According to the statistics of the Ingad Search and Rescue Association in Riyadh, accidents resulted in the death of 20 people from hunger and thirst, but 100 of them were found in good health, while there are no details of 11 other cases.