Photographer Fahd Al Masoudi captured this stunning scene on Tuesday. Image Credit: X/@Akhbaar24

Dubai: In an unusual yet breathtaking transformation, the mountain peaks of Tabuk in northwestern Saudi Arabia have been adorned with snow.

Photographer Fahd Al Masoudi captured the stunning scenes on Tuesday, showcasing the snow-covered heights and valleys of the region in a spectacular display.

Al Masoudi described the scenery as “pleasant to the soul and the eye,” noting the excitement and joy it brought to local residents and photography enthusiasts.

The snowfall in Tabuk is a celebrated event during the winter, drawing many citizens outdoors to witness and revel in the rare phenomenon.

The National Centre of Meteorology had earlier forecast moderate to heavy thunderstorms, potentially triggering torrential rains, gusty winds, and hail showers across various regions, including Tabuk, Medina, and parts of Mecca.

The meteorological report highlighted a noticeable dip in temperatures across most of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, the continuation of moderate to heavy thunderstorms could lead to further torrential flows, accompanied by strong winds and hail in areas like Al Jawf, the northern borders, Hail, Qassim, Riyadh, and the northern parts of the eastern region.