The rat on the shawarma at a Jeddah restaurant. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has shut down a famous Shawarma restaurant in Jeddah after a rat was spotted wandering around and feasting on meat on top of a shawarma skewer, Saudi media reported.

Outraged social media users shared the shocking video clip showing the rat on the shawarma skewer at a famous restaurant in Al Baghdadiah neighbourhood, and demanded authorities to take stringent action against the restaurant. Acting swiftly, authorities sealed the restaurant, according to the Saudi newspaper Aajel.

The Jeddah Municipality said it has carried out 2,833 inspection tours yesterday in cooperation with concerned authorities to ensure the proper implementation of precautionary measures and preventive protocols in commercial establishments and public facilities. The Municipality said that the inspection campaigns resulted in detecting 43 violations, and shutting down 26 facilities.