220113 Yousef
A screengrab from the video of Yousef, 6, speaking to his classmates. Image Credit: YouTube

Dubai: A video showing a 6-year-old Saudi boy introducing himself to his classmates as Yousef, who was born with a short right arm and speaks three languages, has gone viral.

The video shows Yousef speaking proudly in front of his classmates in a Dutch school as saying: “My name is Yousef. I was born with a special arm, and speaks three languages, Arabic, English and Dutch.”

His mother said: “My son’s mother tongue is Arabic, but he started learning English since he was two years with my help and through watching English learning TV programmes.”

Yousef joined a Dutch school when he turned four after his family moved to the Netherlands and he managed to learn the language and not speaks it fluently, she added.

“My son is clever and he has lots of followers on Snapchat. We have been living in the Netherlands since 2017,” Yousef’s mother said.