Prophet's mosque in Medina enveloped in rainfall, prayers
Image Credit: X@tqqs

Dubai: In a profoundly spiritual atmosphere, a rain of mercy descended upon the Prophet's Mosque on Friday evening, coinciding with the region's changing weather patterns.

A widely circulated video clip on social media captured the awe-inspiring moment when the rain of mercy graced the Prophet's Mosque, enveloping it in an atmosphere of faith and prayers for it to be a source of goodness, blessings, and growth.

In light of the weather forecast, the Civil Defense issued a cautionary advisory, urging residents to exercise caution during rain and dusty winds across most parts of the Kingdom. People were advised to seek shelter in safe locations during periods of heavy rainfall and strong winds.

The National Center of Meteorology announced its forecast for Saturday, anticipating moderate to heavy thunderstorms with torrential rains, hail showers, and active winds across regions including Mecca, Medina, Qassim, Riyadh, Eastern, and the eastern parts of the northern borders.

The report also suggested that fog may form in parts of these areas, and there may be a drop in temperatures in regions such as Tabuk, Hail, Al Jawf, and the northern borders. The accompanying surface winds are expected to raise dust and debris, posing potential challenges for residents and travelers in affected areas.

In terms of sea conditions, the report indicated west to northwest surface wind movement on the Red Sea, ranging from 20-40 km/h in the northern and central parts. The southern part is anticipated to experience south to southwesterly winds, gradually shifting to westerly at speeds ranging from 20-40 km/h, and in some areas, winds may reach up to 50 km/h. Rainy thunderstorms are expected over the central part of the Red Sea.

Sea conditions are predicted to vary from light to medium waves, potentially becoming wavy due to the formation of rainy thunderstorms over the central part of the Red Sea. Wave heights may range from one to two meters, with the possibility of reaching higher than two and a half meters in areas affected by rainy thunderstorms.