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Abu Dhabi: Saudi Public Prosecution has summoned a group of social media account holders for publishing matchmaking advertisements in ways that harm the dignity of women and offend the marital bond that is preserved by Sharia and order, local media reported.

The Department of Investigation in Information Crimes at the Public Prosecution began investigating the holders of these accounts on charges of publishing what would prejudice religious values and public morals.

More than 200 Twitter users and dozens of other forums on the internet offer matchmaking services for Saudi men and women.

There are many different types of weddings that can be contracted in Saudi Arabia, from the traditional unions to unconventional ones such as the “misyar” marriage.

A misyar — or “visitor’s” marriage — is one in which couples live separately but can meet up when they want.

It is allowed in Saudi Arabia but couples who choose to go that way keep it a family secret shared only with the matchmaker.

Misyar is often the marriage of choice for polygamous men as well as divorcees and widows in Saudi Arabia, where extra-marital relations are strictly banned and punishable under Islamic laws.