How to complain against a doctor, hospital or clinic in the UAE
Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pexels

Abu Dhabi: Dr. Hani Al Juhani, a Saudi consultant neurosurgeon, removed a brain tumor from an Afghan patient in a complex operation, local media reported. The patient was a female Quran memorizer.

Dr. Al Juhani said: “I was furnishing my house in Medina, and an Afghan resident was working on this, and he told me that his aunt had a brain tumor, so I immediately asked for her medical reports.

“Indeed her son brought the reports, and I saw the cancerous tumor was in a very sensitive part of the brain, which controls movement, and the operating room had to be equipped with the necessary devices for this complex surgery,” he said.

Dr. Al Juhani added he spent three months preparing the tools and devices, such as the neuronavigation device, the nerve stimulation device in a private hospital, and the medical team.

“Thank God, we performed the operation four days ago, and we opened the head, then we worked on the patient’s tumor, and we continued to remove the tumor. At the time, I was certain that the cells that memorize the Quran will be preserved by Almighty Allah,” he said.

He continued: “Praise be to God, the operation was successful even though it is in the center of movement, and it is considered one of the complex operations, and the cancerous tumor was completely removed. And I pray to Almighty Allah to reward those who contributed money and effort to saving the Afghan patient.”