An employee of Schiphol stands inside a body scanner during a demonstration at a press briefing at Schiphol airport, Netherlands. On display the highlighted area shows an alert on possible forbidden items. The newest models do not show the gender of the passenger, but you can see if someone carries liquids, weapons or other objects. Image Credit: AP

Riyadh: Saudi Islamic preacher Shaikh Sulaiman Al Dowaish urged Saudi authorities to explore the prospect of imposing a ban on travel to the United States if the United States sticks to its decision to undergo an "enhanced screening" of passengers from Saudi Arabia.
At the same time, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign has sent a message to the US administration seeking clarifications regarding the recent US announcement about heightened security checks for Saudi passengers.

Saudi Arabia is among 14 countries, whose citizens have been subjected to enhanced screening at the US airports.
At least 22,000 Saudi young men and women are doing their bachelor's, master's and Phd degree courses in various US universities and higher institutes.

Earlier, a Foreign Ministry official said that Saudi Arabia would not tolerate any violation of the dignity of its citizens, their freedom of movement or their privacy.

The new US regulations have triggered widespread outrage and anger among Saudi citizens.

Speaking to reporters, Saudi Da'awa worker Shaikh Sulaiman Al Dowaish said that the new security regulations introduced by the US authorities will infringe on the religious rights of Saudi citizens as the new security screening will expose their private parts.

"If they stick on continuing such type of screening tests, then the authorities should resort to a travel ban," he said, adding that a society cannot be punished altogether for the faults committed by one or two of its members.

Speaking to Gulf News, Saudi security researcher Sultan Al Anqari criticised the new US regulation, saying it is some kind of political blackmailing by the US administration against the Kingdom for the latter's position against unjust practices of Israel.

"It is part of a collective punishment against the Saudis, who are also victims of the wrong doing of some deviant people," he said.
Meanwhile, Faiz Al Shahri, a Saudi young man studying at a US university, defended the US move as a right step in ensuring security of its people.

"Americans do not want to humiliate us or any other people. They are taking measures to ensure security of their country, and they have the rights to do so," he said.
Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that the new security screening test will increase the risks of cancer among those, who have been subjected to the test.