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Cairo: Saudi Arabia said it has executed an extremist convicted of murdering a policeman while on duty and shooting at security patrols.

The convict, identified as Mohammed bin Abdulrazaq from Saudi Arabia, had also set an oil installation on fire with the intention of blowing it up, possessed weapons and ammunition as well as embraced a radical ideology supportive of terror acts and glorifying their perpetrators, the kingdom’s Interior Ministry said.

He was arrested, handed down a death sentence that was approved by a royal order.

The convict was executed on Saturday in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, added the ministry without saying exactly when the attacks happened.

Also on Saturday, a Saudi man was executed in Jeddah after he had been convicted of kidnapping, sexually assaulting minors and harming them, the Saudi news agency SPA quoted the Interior Ministry as saying.

The defendant, named Omar bin Abdullah, was convicted and given a death sentence that was upheld by the Appeal and Supreme Courts and approved by a royal order, the ministry said.

Saudi Arabia applies the death penalty against convicts in cases of terrorism, murder as well as drug smuggling and trafficking.

Last week, the Interior Ministry announced executing four men, including three from one family, convicted of murdering a Saudi man after having broken into his apartment, kidnapping him in a car to a remote place and beating him to death. The motive for the murder was not given.

The four were arrested, given final death sentencing that was approved by a royal order.

They were executed on Wednesday in Al Baha city in south-western Saudi Arabia.