Suspected sorcery items seized with a passenger.
Illustrative image of sorcery items. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: A Saudi man has accused a foreign housemaid of having exercised sorcery against his family during her two-year employment, local media reported.

The man returned the Indonesian woman to a labour-hiring firm in the capital Riyadh due to the suspected misconduct.

“All family members fell sick a day after she had left the house,” the man was quoted by the Saudi news portal Al Marsd as saying.

“Now there are three girls suffering from pains in their tummies,’’ he added.

A number of Quran preachers were brought in to help in healing them by reciting verses from the holy book.

“They found out they were subjected to magic. A necklace was also found under the bed,’’ added the man whose name was not disclosed.

When the housemaid’s luggage was searched, an alleged set of amulets were found, according to the report.

“We found more than 30 bags, with a hair inside each bag,’’ the man said, referring to alleged evidence of sorcery.

There was no comment from the firm that recruited the worker.