Manar Al Rawi says the concept meets the demands for utter privacy in shopping. Image Credit: Courtesy: Okaz

Manama: A Saudi woman designer has made a breakthrough in the retail business by launching a mobile retail truck to sell her abayas, the loose over-garment worn by most women across the Arabian Gulf countries.

Manar Al Rawi said that her decision to move from the traditional retail space to the mobile truck was essentially driven by the wish to overcome two major challenges that women usually faced.

“Women have often to deal with difficulties to move and reach traditional shops and boutiques and they also have an issue with not having enough time,” Manar said, quoted by Saudi daily Okaz on Thursday.

“My idea of having a mobile retail truck is to help them overcome both problems and they can now do their shopping from their homes,” said the Jeddah-based designer.

Manar said that the motto she chose, “Your Abaya at your door step”, responds to the needs and characteristics of the Gulf society in general and the Saudi society in particular.

“The concept meets the demands for utter privacy in shopping and adds a new value to the shopping comfort experience seen from Saudi eyes,” Manar said.

The mobile retail truck, unlike eCommerce sites, allows the saleswomen to meet their customers face-to-face, interact with them and watch them experience the products first-hand.

Jawaher Mirawi, the woman who designed the retail truck, said that she welcomed the innovative concept of selling the abayas.

“It was not easy to design the truck and we needed two months to prepare the feasibility study and to have a new concept that would replace the traditional one,” she said.

“Our team of eight technicians and designers wanted to build a truck that would create a genuine comfort zone for the clients. This is the first abaya truck in Saudi Arabia and it features from 80 to 100 abayas. It also has a fitting room.”