22-year -old man has appealed for public help in finding his son who went missing since Saturday Image Credit: Social Media

Dubai: A young Saudi man has gone missing from his family’s home in Qalwa governorate in Al Baha region for four days.

The family of the 22-year-old man has appealed for public help in finding their son who went missing since Saturday. His father, Shaddad Abdullah Al Zahrani, appealed to the volunteers, official authorities and security forces to help in searching for his son, Abdullah.

Family have lost contact with him on Saturday afternoon; later, his car was found abandoned on a dirt road.

Al Zahrani said: “The last contact with my son, was on Saturday afternoon, when he called his brother, crying out for his help,“ When his brother asked him about his location, Abdullah said he was infront of a mountain or on top of a mountain,after that his phone went off.

Abdulla's car was found but not him

The police found Abdullah’s vehicle stuck in sand with the car key inside it, without any trace of Abdulla. “Since then, we have been searching without finding any trace of him. A team of volunteers and security authorities participated in the search for my son, but all efforts had yielded nothing yet" AL Zahrani said.

He continued: “My son is 22 years and works as a border guard in Al Laith Governorate in Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea south west of the holy city of Mecca. We appeal to security authorities to intensify ground teams and use an airplane in the search for my son."