The worshipper appears lying on the ground and covered with a prayer rug at the Prophet Mohammed's Mosque. Image Credit: Online photo

Cairo: A Muslim worshipper, who was believed to have died while in a sojoud (prostration) position at the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque in the Saudi holy city of Medina was actually unconscious, a medical official has said.

Pictures went viral on social media showing a man lying on the ground and covered with a prayer rug at the mosque as worshippers look on.

Online reports claimed that the man was a Pakistani national who passed away while offering the Friday prayers.

But spokesman for the Red Crescent Authority in Medina Khalid Al Sahli said the ambulatory team positioned at the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque had handled a case of a worshipper who had fainted during the prayers and transferred him to a local hospital. No further details were given about the man.

Saudi authorities have recently lifted most restrictions against COVID-19 at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque including the cancellation of physical distancing. In recent weeks, the kingdom has witnessed marked decline in the virus infection rates.