Prophet’s Mosque in Medina
Worshippers gather inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Image Credit: The Agency for Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque

Dubai: Dr. Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Abdulaziz Al Sudais, General President of the Affairs of the Holy Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Holy Mosque, has unveiled a new strategic plan to serve one billion worshippers and visitors at the Two Holy Mosques in the Hijri year 1445.

The strategy, due to be formally announced early next Hijri year, is poised to be the largest and most comprehensive in the presidency’s history, leveraging an advanced technical system and a range of smart services aligned with global normative indicators, governance standards, and impact measurement.

The ambitious new strategy encapsulates a modern, evolved identity designed to keep up with the substantial qualitative changes experienced by the presidency, in line with the Vision 2030 programme. Al Sudais underscored that the plan would include extensive development decisions across all sectors and service systems, significantly enhancing opportunities to empower youth and women in line with the highest international quality standards.

The new strategy is devised to meet the demands of the current phase and enhance the presidency’s repositioning within its new structure for the year 1445. Al Sudais outlined that this involves bolstering the services and business system within the presidency, which necessitates the development and empowerment of women and experienced individuals to achieve leadership aspirations and deliver premium services for the comfort of the guests of the Holy Mosques.

The forward-looking strategy also seeks to foster a culture of innovation and creativity, establish effective indicators to support decision-making, and align with the strategic goals of the presidential system. These include achieving operational excellence, making optimal use of information and communication technology through digital transformation, and ensuring integration and leadership within the business and service systems of the Two Holy Mosques.